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For over a century the Historical Society of the Episcopal Church (HSEC) has been an association dedicated to preserving and disseminating information about the history of the Episcopal Church.

Founded in Philadelphia in 1910 as the Church Historical Society with a name change in 1974, members include scholars, writers, teachers, ministers (lay and ordained) and others with an interest in the objectives and activities of the Historical Society.

Learn more about becoming a member on the membership page and discover benefits, including a subscription to the quarterly journal Anglican and Episcopal History.


Established exclusively for educational, charitable, and religious purposes, the objectives of the Historical Society of the Episcopal Church include:

  1. Promotion of the preservation of the particular heritage of the Episcopal Church and its antecedents in order that the Church may be served in its mission of proclaiming Christ crucified and risen, and in its servanthood in the world. Presentation offered during the 2013 Tri-History Conference, San Antonio, Texas
  2. Publication and distribution of a scholarly historical journal each quarter, called Anglican and Episcopal History, to aid in this promotion and to be a vehicle for the publication of similar work being done throughout the Anglican Communion. In addition a regular newsletter, The Historiographer, is published with the National Episcopal Historians and Archivists.
  3. Cooperation with other societies concerned with the history of the Episcopal Church and the other churches of the Anglican Communion, in the encouragement of research, writing and education on all levels that keeps alive the Church's heritage in the service of God's Kingdom.

Celebration of the Holy Eucharist during the 2007 Tri-History Conference, Williamsburg, Virginia, "Legacies and Promise: 400 Years of Anglican/Episcopal History"